Pricing and scaling of your Easy Peasy site



For bigger sites



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For small sites

5gb Storage

1gb storage 100mb storage

1 million page views per year

250,000 page views per year 125,000 page views per year

Unlimited users

3 users 1 user

No questions asked 30 day money back guarantee

Enterprise level scalable hosting

 Extras  Yearly 
 1gb additional disk space $120 
 500,000 additional page views $500 
 1 x 10gb POP/IMAP email address $60 
 1 x 2gb additional Microsoft Exchange email address $400 
Phone support for your clients per site $60 
 Other services  
 Domain registration .com (2 years) $55 
 Domain registration (2 years) $110 
 Convert design file to (X)HTML (per template) from $250 
 Out of hours support per incident $265 


 * All prices are annual, in Australian dollars and include GST

Possible Business models

EzPz can be used in many ways to create added income for your business. We work to your business model not you to ours. Here are a just a few of the ways that EzPz can boost your revenue.

Transparent model

  • Your client is supported and billed directly by us.
  • You handle all other aspects of their web site.

Ideal for: businesses who want to work with their client on the design of the site, but would prefer not to handle any day-to-day support for the finished web site.

Opaque model

  • We remain hidden from your client.
  • You support and bill the client, we support and bill you.

Ideal for: businesses wanting to resell EzPz as their own product.

Service model

  • We remain hidden from your client.
  • You support and bill the client, we support and bill you.
  • You make any web site amends for your client and charge them for making those changes.

Ideal for: businesses who provide full service packages to their clients.

There are many possibilities on how to value add to EzPz. The above are examples, we will adapt to your requirements for each of your clients.

Note: We never initiate contact your clients without your permission - Your client remains your client. 

Each site comes with...

Up to 5gb of storage

More than enough for all but
the biggest of sites.

Up to a million page views

No unintelligable bandwith limits.

Unlimited pages

Test pages, special pages, pages about your cat, pages, pages, pages...

Why EzPz?

No coding required

Simple to use, fast & reliable

Secure and reliable

Access any time from anywhere

Works on Mac, Windows and Linux

Nothing to download

Search engine friendly,
User friendly 

30-Day money back guarentee