Easy to use, search engine friendly hosted business websites

A web site is no longer a "nice to have" it is now a business essential. Lets cut to the chase: why should you choose EzPZ?

Here's our one-minute-pitch.

You need to be able to make changes to your site any time and any where. You need it to be selling for your business 24/7, you need it to be fast and reliable. You need it to be simple to edit.
You need a decent email address with business features like mobile access, web access, anti-virus, spam filters, large storage and attachments.

Add documents, images, video

Images are automagically resized and optimised for the web, plus a small version is created at the same time.


Every site comes with full statistic, but if that isn't enough you can simply add other statistical packages such as Google Analytics.

Access from pretty much anywhere

EzPz works on Windows, Mac or Linux. Just fire up your favourite modern web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari etc).


Doesn't matter how many people are visiting your site at once - EzPz will keep running super fast. Our hosting structure means your site will never fall over because it is too popular. We use a hosting structure similar to Google and Yahoo!


EzPz uses all the tricks to make sure that your pages are delivered super fast.
For the technically minded we achieve this by a combination of using a recipe  super fast network, fast servers, compression, caching and stir it all together with our special sauce.


Support is free within business hours. Email, instant message or call us. We also have video tutorials to help too.


You've probably got more than enough to do, so you don't want some complicated web site management system - you want simple, easy to use and powerful. You want something intuitive to use. That's exactly what EzPz is about: simplicity, so you can quickly make your website changes and move on.

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Each site comes with...

Up to 5gb of storage

More than enough for all but
the biggest of sites.

Up to a million page views

No unintelligable bandwith limits.

Unlimited pages

Test pages, special pages, pages about your cat, pages, pages, pages...

Why EzPz?

No coding required

Simple to use, fast & reliable

Secure and reliable

Access any time from anywhere

Works on Mac, Windows and Linux

Nothing to download

Search engine friendly,
User friendly 

30-Day money back guarentee