FAQs: Domain names and DNS

Can you register domain names for me?

Yes, we can. Click here for more information on domain name registration.

Can I use my existing domain name?

Yes you sure can. You will need to re-point it to our servers, but we can help you with that.

Can I point more than one domain at my site?

Yes. You can have as many domain names "pointing" to your site as you need.

Do I have to move my MX records?

No, if you wish to stay with your current email provider you only need to repoint the "A" records of the domain.

Each site comes with...

Up to 5gb of storage

More than enough for all but
the biggest of sites.

Up to a million page views

No unintelligable bandwith limits.

Unlimited pages

Test pages, special pages, pages about your cat, pages, pages, pages...

Why EzPz?

No coding required

Simple to use, fast & reliable

Secure and reliable

Access any time from anywhere

Works on Mac, Windows and Linux

Nothing to download

Search engine friendly,
User friendly 

30-Day money back guarentee