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The Environment

We all know how important this planet is, afterall, its the place that supports and sustains us everyday. In recent years we have all become more aware of our impact on the earth and how our activities are having harmful effects on the very place that gives us life.

Razorstone the environmentally responsible business

We want to make a positive difference to the environment. Not by being just carbon-neutral. No, we fundamentally believe that being environmentally friendly is much, much more than that. Not only do we want to minimise our impact on the environment. We want to take that a stage further; we want to reverse some the damage that has been done and help the environment recover.

What are we doing?

We do all the obvious stuff:

  • Using 100% renewable energy
  • Recycling
  • Not using paper unless absolutely necessary
  • Switching off all idle electrical items at the wall every night

Nothing difficult or taxing there to be sure.. but as we have the privelege of living and working on the edge of a rain forest, this probably makes us more aware of our impact on the environment. It is plain to see the damage that land cleared for farming has had on the local environment, both in terms of the land itself and the flora and fauna that live there.

Rain forest regeneration project

Currently we are turning 70 acres of farm land back to its native state by planting 33,000 trees and native plants. To help protect the planted area; 1.5km of stock proof fencing has been installed along with off-stream watering to keep thirsty livestock out of the river and creeks. This re-foestation is about more than just locking up carbon (although that's important too), it is about creating habitats for wildlife. The area we are regenerating connects the Otway National Park with another large area of regenerating bush land. Our project will create a corridor for wildlife to move safely and freely between the two areas and beyond.


Just some of the native critters that will hopefully be lovin' our work are

  • Koalas
  • Kangaroos
  • Wallabies
  • Duck-billed platapus
  • Wedge tailed eagles
  • Possums
  • Echidnas


Another benefit of planting out such a large area is increasing the local native vegetation and the "shading out" non-native nasties weeds like Ragwort and Blackberry.

Water courses

The regeneration area also covers an river and several creeks, helping to improve the water quality.

The future

Sure it's baby steps... and we know the challenges facing our local and global communities are large. But we firmly believe that change and repair is possible. It just needs everyone to stand up and simply do what they can to contribute to change, everytime they can.

If you would like to contact us. fell free, we'd love to hear from you and update you on our progress.

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