Quick and easy page templates


Making your design work in a new content management sytem is usually, shall we say; challenging. With EzPz you don't need to know any server side coding, just use your everyday HTML, CSS (plus JavaScript, if you like). There is no steep learning curve. No mixing of server side code into your design. You can add and edit templates yourself or for a small fee we can take your design files and code up standards compliant templates for you.


EzPz uses templated design, by that we mean; you create an empty pages (templates) that contains all the layout and styles of your design. Within the templates are "page area tokens" which are replaced with the actual content of the page. This means that multiple pages can all have the same design (template).

Changing part or all of the design across the whole site is just a case of altering the appropriate template(s) and the web site's pages will automatically update to the modified design.

You can have as many templates as you like for your site and swapping a page to use a different template only take a couple of clicks.

Site Design area

Each site comes with a design area,where you can create, edit, duplicate and delete templates. As with the rest of EzPz the site design area is made to be quick and intuitive to use. It does all the heavy lifting for you:

  • Paste and save templates.
  • Point and click inserting of tokens.
  • Upload multiple media files.
  • One click image reference updating.

Creating a new template

Adding your design is as simple as pasting in the HTML and CSS, uploading your images. Adding a couple of page tokens (point and click) and clicking find and replace to update the image references. See just how in the 2 minute video below.

As with everything else in Easy-Peasy we have made it as simple, quick and painless as possible to integrate your design. For more detailed information download our designers guide.

Download the designers guide to creating web templates in EzPz.

Each site comes with...

Up to 5gb of storage

More than enough for all but
the biggest of sites.

Up to a million page views

No unintelligable bandwith limits.

Unlimited pages

Test pages, special pages, pages about your cat, pages, pages, pages...

Why EzPz?

No coding required

Simple to use, fast & reliable

Secure and reliable

Access any time from anywhere

Works on Mac, Windows and Linux

Nothing to download

Search engine friendly,
User friendly 

30-Day money back guarentee